Your Business Success Coaching

The MAUS Accredited Coaching Program to take Your Business to the Next Level

Here is what we will cover.

TOPIC 1 High Level Goals – Where are you now, and what do you wish to achieve? Conduct a high-level goal review of your business and determine what is holding you back.

TOPIC 2 Success Factors – Determine the success factors of your business and lock in your key strategic goals to achieve success. How do you stand out from the crowd?

TOPIC 3 Strategy & Milestones – Review your overall strategic direction and business plan. Examine each success factor and develop key strategies and action plans to achieve these goals.

TOPIC 4 Monthly Review – Regularly review your business performance levels, make adjustments and fine tune the strategy and the execution plan where necessary.

TOPIC 5 Systems & Workflow – Tidy-up your business and develop the systems and workflow to help execute your strategy. Build a business that can be scaled, replicated and leveraged.

TOPIC 6 Employee Engagement – Align your employee’s goals and targets with the company and set in play a system to motivate and engage employees through consistent communication and accountability systems.

TOPIC 7 Culture & Sustainability – Ensure the long-term success of your business through continual top-level support and continual reinforcement. Involves the continuation, encouragement and reinforcement of both culture and systems.

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