About Peter Smith

. . . . . . and a little background as to why he is the Accidental Financial Strategist!

Hi, my name is Peter Smith, CEO and Founder of New Era Management Services and specialist lead for hundreds of successful finance and management projects Australia wide

I started out my career as a senior manager in local government achieving qualification as a municipal clerk via RMIT. I have worked closely with many leadership teams to deliver projects, improve business systems and turn around financial performance. Encountering many conflicting priorities and few resources really honed my skills on doing more with less.

Fast forward 20 years and having sharpened my role as a financial strategist I can readily identify the underlying issues getting in the way. The lack of accountability, few people investing in themselves and in their enterprise, managers become swamped by detail, taking on too much and devoting an inordinate amount of time to putting out fires.

Turning around financial performance, delivering innovative projects and putting business systems in place to make work life easier is my passion. I apply the power of cost effective solutions and equip you with the right tools and resources to fashion the vision and deliver the strategy.

Modelling the correct role for finance is my specialty. This gets your people on the same page. It brings them along in the process. Nothing thwarts sustainable growth more than finance taking a tokenistic role, there is too much as stake from such little value add!

Here’s what you can expect from me

Financial strategist and trouble shooting services that are available when YOU need them and are backed by a return on your investment.

Once off placements ranging from filling a particular gap in your financial service, helping you to interpret “the numbers” and putting together robust and visionary business and financial strategies to chart your direction.

Structured business advisory service including Your Business Success to generate business growth to the level of 10% of your turnover in the form of extra profit and value . . . . and you will enjoy a great new work-life balance, working 10 hours less per week. 

My MOTTO is simple. I believe that the underlying motivation that people hold is the need to invest in themselves and their organisation, sometimes they just need to know how to do this.

If I can breakdown these barriers I will serve the dual purpose of sustainable business growth and put belief into action for hundreds of people each and every year.

It would be great to join you soon, back on the trail to maximising your solutions and savings!

WITH you

We work WITH you to build organisational capacity

No Fuss

We offer a no fuss, easy to understand approach


We offer well researched strategic solutions that work


We offer guarantees and a return on the investment that you make with us


We offer tools to back our methodology and keep you on track


The right advice to put you back in control of your organisational strategy.

Peter Smith

CEO/Founder/Financial Strategist
New Era Management Services
M Bus, PGrad Bus, Bach. Bus, CMA.


About Peter Smith

Peter Smith has studied in people behavior and performance management. He has a strategic finance and lean management background. He is an experienced consultant, qualified accountant and is an accredited and trusted coach and mentor.

Peter has delivered many innovative projects including corporate strategies, business improvements, service reviews, economic assessments, government submissions, the National Reform Fund and a financial sustainability program to most of Victoria’s 79 councils.

In addition to his consultancy work, Peter’s management experience includes General Manager and Director. He is well credentialed in working on corporate strategy and governance and in fashioning ways to achieve significant savings to the bottom line.

Peter’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Business Local Government, Certificate of Qualification as Municipal Clerk, Graduate Diploma of Business, Masters of Business Administration and Certified Management Accountant.

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