MAUS Hub is a a cloud based business infrastructure developed by MAUS Business Systems. It includes KPI management and reporting, a secure online document repository, an employee and incident log, a project planning module and e-mail reminder system. Strategy Execution is the key to a successful business. Business leaders must be able to communicate, plan and publish to a central repository to keep everyone on the same page and working towards common goals effectively.

We implement the full range of MAUS Software. Getting things done means more than just talking about it – if a business has the right systems, they have every chance to achieve success. That’s why we’re a small business solutions provider

MAUS Business Systems is an Australian owned company established by Peter Hickey in February 1990. Since then it has been providing a multi award-winning range of technology and services to the SME markets in Australia and around the world.

MAUS Business Systems also acquired the company formally know as EBC (Entrepreneur Business Centre). Since 1992 EBC has been researching and publishing Start-Up, Management and Benchmarking Guides
covering over 230 different industries.

We implement MAUS Software

We back our methodology by giving you tools to instantly improve your business, and to help you track and monitor your progress.

We’re experienced in implementing this software and improving business efficiency. Over the years, the MAUS range of business planning, human resource and business process resources has been shipped to over 55,000 businesses and has been used in over 30 tertiary education institutions. Check out some of the software systems below.

Policies & Procedures

Policies Manual is designed to help companies develop a complete operations handbook incorporating procedures, workflow documents and business forms into one comprehensive reference manual. Save time by using the 100′s of sample policies while creating your own customised handbook. There are options for compliance with Health and Safety and Quality Assurance that will automate version controlling and log and automate policy communication with staff.

Business Planning

MasterPlan enables you to develop customised Business and Marketing Plans to suit your industry, complete with a full set of financial’s, actual vs. budgeted comparisons and graphical analysis. Designed for people who need a professional plan with minimum fuss, the software uses a simple question & answer format, complete with sample text to lead you through the entire planning process.

Human Resources

Employees are a vital asset for any business and a good employee is one who needs to be retained. But how does a small business owner know how to find the best employee and what to do to keep that employee? With programs ranging from Job Descriptions through to Employee Performance Appraisal, MAUS has a wide range of tools to help you with all your HR needs. These systems have been implemented by both large and small businesses.

New Era Management is a MAUS Accredited Network member.

This means access to the best tools, methodology, and business improvement programs available for small businesses. MAUS Accredited Partners have been trained to work with any business on introducing worldwide proven systems that will maximise profitability and efficiency.

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We back our methodology by giving you tools to instantly improve your business, and to help you track and monitor your progress.